HOOPS Virtual training series 

The HOOPS Virtual Training series provides opportunities to engage with Tech Soft 3D product specialists and take an in-depth look at a wide array of technical HOOPS toolkit topics. You can access previously recorded Virtual Training sessions here

Virtual Training sessions are 90 minutes and each session requires separate registration. Virtual Training sessions are free of charge.

HOOPS Server Side Rendering in Docker Containers

Robert Tadlock, Director of Consulting Engineering 
Tuesday, January 12th, 8 AM PST | 1700 CET  

Docker is experiencing explosive growth as a technology for deploying web applications. This hands-on training shows you how to leverage the Native Graphics Interface (EGL) and HOOPS Communicator’s Server-Side Rendering (SSR) technology within a docker container and build a 3d web application.

This session has already taken place but you can access the recording below*

Deploying HOOPS Web Applications to Azure

Jonathan Girroir, Technical Marketing
Tuesday, February 16th, 8 AM PST | 1700 CET

Learn how to deploy a 3D web application to the Microsoft Azure cloud. This hands-on training gets you started with the HOOPS Web Platform and how to deploy your application, so it is publicly available. This class is great for getting started with HOOPS, exploring Azure, and understanding how to integrate HOOPS within your Azure stack.

Understanding JavaScript Promises

Adam DuQuette, Developer Learning
Tuesday, March 9th, 8 AM PST | 1700 CET

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript Promises and how to use them with the HOOPS Web Viewer.