HOOPS Virtual training series 

The HOOPS Virtual Training series provides opportunities to engage with Tech Soft 3D product specialists and take an in-depth look at a wide array of technical HOOPS toolkit topics. You can access previously recorded Virtual Training sessions here

Virtual Training sessions are 90 minutes and each session requires separate registration. Virtual Training sessions are free of charge.

top 5 developer questions for the hoops web platform 

Ricky Johnson, Technical Marketing Engineer 
Thursday, October 21st, 8 AM PDT | 1700 CEST

The HOOPS Web Platform is a software toolkit for building powerful 3D web applications and in this session, we'll explore the top 5 most common questions we receive from developers working with this powerful SDK platform for web visualization, CAD data access, and 3D PDF publishing.  

Progressive web apps

Guido Hoffmann, Technical Fellow
Thursday, November 18th, 8 AM PT | 1700 CET

Progressive Web Apps leverage the portability of web technology within an installable, detached application. In this advanced training class, learn how to use HOOPS within a progressive web app. Learn to cache CAD files, images, and other app data using indexedDB & Dexie, create a manifest file, prefetch your app via web workers & Node.js. We will also cover best practices for writing offline web apps and distributing them as native mobile apps.

Getting started with the hoops web platform

Robert Tadlock, Director of Consulting Engineering and Developer Learning 
Tuesday, December 7th, 8 AM PT | 1700 CET

The HOOPS Web Platform is a software toolkit for building powerful 3d web applications. This introductory course exposes you to everything you need to get started with HOOPS. You will import, visualize, and interact with CAD data using our conversion service and JavaScript API. You will then add additional functionality to your web app and learn where to go to build engineering-centric workflows.