The HOOPS Virtual Training series provides opportunities to engage with Tech Soft 3D product specialists and take an in-depth look at a wide array of technical HOOPS toolkit topics. Below you will find recordings of previous training sessions for on-demand viewing. 

Building your first 3d web application with hoops - the hoops web platform

The HOOPS Web Platform is a simple but powerful toolkit for advanced 3d web visualization. Learn how to import and visualize CAD data, add and interact with our JavaScript API, add additional functionality to a webpage, and host your project on an AWS server.

Introduction to Desktop Graphics with the HOOPS Native Platform

Get hands-on experience building your first 3D application using the HOOPS Native Platform. Learn how to read and visualize a CAD file and add common workflows like selection, view management, and measurement. Follow along with this 90-minute session using the HOOPS Native Platform.

dockerizing 3d web applications

Docker container technology allows for rapid application deployment and scaling. Now that you have a 3D web application learn how to create and manage Docker images containing HOOPS based applications.

introduction to cad access and translation with hoops exchange and prc 

Learn how to leverage the full power of server-side data translation to load over 30 different CAD file formats into the HOOPS Web Viewer. Explore different options to optimize and control translation to support your unique engineering workflows.

Data Translation in the HOOPS Web Platform

Learn how to leverage the full power of server-side data translation to load over 30 different CAD file formats into the HOOPS Web Viewer. Explore different options to optimize and control translation to support your unique engineering workflows.

introduction to mesh processing with hoops and polygonica

Polygonica is a powerful mesh processing software used for preparing models for additive manufacturing. Learn how to heal, Boolean, and simplify models for 3d printing. 

CAD Model Traversal, Query and Interpretation

HOOPS Exchange provides access to over 30 different CAD file formats, but traversing it’s data structures can be labor-intensive. The HOOPS Exchange Toolkit provides functions for easily accessing specific parts of the data model. The toolkit is a set of tools that make common workflows easier, including computing the net transform of a part, computing the net visual style of a part, obtaining an indexed triangle mesh of a part, linking tessellation to the B-Rep, and linking markup items to the B-Rep. During this 90-minute session you will get hands-on experience using this toolkit and HOOPS Exchange.

Building a product configurator with the hoops web platform

In this hands-on technical training, learn how to combine multiple CAD files in one web application, replace parts, and use multiple 3D viewers on the same webpage.

Server Side rendering in
docker containers

Docker is experiencing explosive growth as a technology for deploying web applications. This hands-on training shows you how to leverage the Native Graphics Interface (EGL) and HOOPS Communicator’s Server-Side Rendering (SSR) technology within a docker container and build a 3d web application.

Javascript promises 

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript Promises and how to use them with the HOOPS Web Viewer.

Building 3d web applications with react and the hoops web platform

In this hands on training, learn how to build powerful 3D web applications using React and the HOOPS Web Platform.

Introduction to creating 3d pdfs

Learn how to create interactive 3D PDFs using HOOPS Publish and your CAD data. This hands-on C++ training walks you through a basic Hello World application and the most common 3D PDF features.

PRogressive web apps 

Progressive Web Apps leverage the portability of web technology within an installable, detached application. In this advanced training class, learn how to use HOOPS within a progressive web app. Learn to cache CAD files, images, and other app data using indexedDB & Dexie, create a manifest file, prefetch your app via web workers & Node.js. We will also cover best practices for writing offline web apps and distributing them as native mobile apps.

Operators in HOOPS Communicator 

Join us as we explore Operators in the web-based graphics engine HOOPS Communicator. This includes going over the out-of-the box pre-built operators, modifying the functionality of an existing operator, and creating custom operators from scratch. This session will align with other concepts within HOOPS Communicator, but Operators will be the center of discussion. 

Getting started with the hoops native platform for android

In this hands-on technical training, learn how to use the HOOPS Native Platform to load, display and interact with CAD files on an Android device.

Deploying HOOPS Web Applications to Azure

Learn how to deploy a 3D web application to the Microsoft Azure cloud. This hands-on training gets you started with the HOOPS Web Platform and how to deploy your application, so it is publicly available. This class is great for getting started with HOOPS, exploring Azure, and understanding how to integrate HOOPS within your Azure stack.

CAD Data access using c#

HOOPS Exchange is a popular data access toolkit that allows you to read over 30 CAD file formats through a standard set of data structures. Learn how to use the ExchangeSharp project to bring this data into a .NET application and work with CAD data. This hands-on training will walk through activities like counting part instances and printing product structure.

Developing advanced 3d workflows

This training class is focused on advanced use cases using the HOOPS Web Platform. We will investigate how to place custom geometry, extract surface data, use markup for debugging, create bounding boxes, and explore the math libraries that come with HOOPS. 

Top 5 developer questions: hoops web platform

The HOOPS Web Platform is a software toolkit for building powerful 3D web applications and in this session, we'll explore the top 5 most common questions we receive from developers working with this powerful SDK platform for web visualization, CAD data access, and 3D PDF publishing.  

Getting started with the HOOPS Web Platform  

The HOOPS Web Platform is a software toolkit for building powerful 3D web applications. This introductory course exposes you to everything you need to get started with HOOPS. You will import, visualize, and interact with CAD data using our conversion service and JavaScript API. You will then add additional functionality to your web app and learn where to go to build engineering-centric workflows.