HOOPS Virtual training series 

The HOOPS Virtual Training series returns this fall with another round of opportunities to engage with Tech Soft 3D product specialists and take an in-depth look at a wide array of technical HOOPS toolkit topics. You can access previously recorded Virtual Training sessions here

Virtual Training sessions are 90 minutes and each session requires separate registration. Virtual Training sessions are free of charge* 

Introduction to Desktop Graphics with the HOOPS Native Platform

Jonathan Girroir, Technical Marketing 
Tuesday, October 6th, 9 AM PDT

Get hands-on experience building your first 3D application using the HOOPS Native Platform. Learn how to read and visualize a CAD file and add common workflows like selection, view management, and measurement. Follow along with this 90-minute session using the HOOPS Native Platform.

Data Translation in the HOOPS Web Platform

Tony Tyrrell, Technical Marketing
Tuesday, October 13th, 9 AM PDT

Learn how to leverage the full power of server-side data translation to load over 30 different CAD file formats into the HOOPS Web Viewer. Explore different options to optimize and control translation to support your unique engineering workflows.

CAD Model Traversal, Query and Interpretation

Brad Flubacher, Consulting Engineer
Tuesday, October 20th, 9 AM EDT

HOOPS Exchange provides access to over 30 different CAD file formats, but traversing it’s data structures can be labor-intensive. The HOOPS Exchange Toolkit provides functions for easily accessing specific parts of the data model. The toolkit is a set of tools that make common workflows easier, including computing the net transform of a part, computing the net visual style of a part, obtaining an indexed triangle mesh of a part, linking tessellation to the B-Rep, and linking markup items to the B-Rep. During this 90-minute session you will get hands-on experience using this toolkit and HOOPS Exchange.

Operators in HOOPS Communicator 

Chris Pillion, Consulting Engineer
Tuesday, October 27th, 9 AM EDT

Join us as we explore Operators in the web-based graphics engine HOOPS Communicator. This includes going over the out-of-the box pre-built operators, modifying the functionality of an existing operator, and creating custom operators from scratch. This session will align with other concepts within HOOPS Communicator, but Operators will be the center of discussion.