HOOPS Virtual training series 

The HOOPS Virtual Training Series presents opportunities to connect with Tech Soft 3D technical staff as they take an in-depth look at an array of topics regarding the HOOPS Toolkits. Each event will require separate registration. 

building your first 3d web application with hoops - the hoops web platform 

This event has already taken place and you can access the recording below! 

The HOOPS Web Platform is a simple but powerful toolkit for advanced 3d web visualization. Learn how to import and visualize CAD data, add and interact with our JavaScript API, add additional functionality to a webpage, and host your project on an AWS server.

introduction to cad access and translation with hoops exchange and prc

This event has already taken place and you can access the recording below! 

HOOPS Exchange is the fastest and most accurate CAD data translation toolkit. PRC is the data model that allows developers to access content from over 30 CAD file formats. Learn how to traverse an assembly tree and topology, untangle material definitions, extract visualization information, and metadata. 

dockerizing 3D web applications

Tony Tyrrell, Technical Marketing Manager 
Tuesday, June 2nd, 10 AM PDT

Docker container technology allows for rapid application deployment and scaling. Now that you have a 3D web application learn how to create and manage Docker images containing HOOPS based applications.

introduction to mesh processing with hoops and polygonica

Jonathan Girroir, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing
Tuesday, June 9th, 10 AM PDT

Polygonica is a powerful mesh processing software used for preparing models for additive manufacturing. Learn how to heal, Boolean, and simplify models for 3d printing.