HOOPS Virtual Summit Events 

Join us and our growing developer community as the Tech Soft 3D HOOPS Summits go virtual. The HOOPS Virtual Summits will feature inspiring and informative events for engineering software developers interested in technology trends and challenges facing our industry. Learn about new features in the 2021 HOOPS SDKs, find out how to leverage our tools and gain a market edge directly from our partners, and benefit from engaging demos from our experts.

Registration for each event is required and meeting links will be provided upon registration.  

The Evolution of component technology in digital construction 


This event has already taken place - a video recording will be provided shortly* 

Join us as we explore the rapidly evolving world of Digital Construction and discuss the role and evolution of Tech Soft 3D's component technology (SDKs) in this market. From high-powered desktop visualization to intelligently streaming massive 3D models in a browser or executing quantity takeoff operations, we’ll be discussing the changes we’ve seen and how our technology has evolved to support the growing demands in the world of Digital Construction. 

HOOPS product update &
happy hour 


This event has already taken place but you can view the recorded session below* 

Join the Tech Soft 3D team for a lively Happy Hour as our product managers guide you through the HOOPS product portfolio. We’ll be discussing what’s new for 2020, what we have planned for the future, and how these developments are impacting applications from Manufacturing to Building & Construction.

HOOPS Developer Day


This event has already taken place but you can view the recorded sessions below* 

HOOPS Developer Day gives you direct access to technical content and the opportunity to work hands-on with Tech Soft 3D staff.