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Product update and Developer day

this event has already taken place - a recording will be available soon. 

Join us for an exciting day of technical discussions, demos, and product training as we host our annual HOOPS Product Update and Developer Day. HOOPS product managers and technical staff will guide you through our product portfolio discussing what's new for 2022, what we have planned for the future, host technical training sessions, and explore how these developments are impacting applications from manufacturing to building and construction. 


HOOPS 2022 Product Update
15:00 HOOPS Exchange & HOOPS Publish 
15:25 HOOPS Graphics 
15:50 Product Update Q&A

HOOPS Developer Day
16:00 Metal technical deep dive
16:20 Break 
16:30 VIP presentations by expert HOOPS developers  
- Cross-sectional analysis demo
- Migrating to HOOPS Visualize from an Existing 3D Engine
- SolidWorks product demo

17:15 Code & API deep dive 
 - 3D analysis functionality
 - Improving visual fidelity across the HOOPS Platform
18:00 Event conclusion 

All times listed above are Central European Time.

meet our speakers

James Headshot FINAL

JAmes Truax 

Senior engineer, thermoanalytics 

James is a Senior Engineer at ThermoAnalytics based in Calumet, Michigan. For the past 22 years he has worked with ThermoAnalytics to develop thermal simulation software.

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Nikhil Kulkarni 

director, drawings, mbd, inspection & Draftsight applications at dassault systems solidworks 

Nikhil currently works as a Director for Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS. He is a software engineering professional with 19 years of experience with a passion for learning new tools and technologies.

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erik hultgren

Product Manager, HOOPS Graphics at tech soft 3d 

Erik is a software engineering professional and Tech Soft 3D's leading graphics expert with extensive knowledge of 3D engineering workflows working across multiple platforms.

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Chad johnson

Software engineer, HOOPS Visualize at tech soft 3d  

Chad is an experienced software engineer and has been working with HOOPS for over 15 years. 

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Myriam de Bossoreille

principal Software engineer, HOOPS Exchange at tech soft 3d  

Myriam is an expert in data access technology and has worked with HOOPS Exchange for over 20 years. 

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Dave Calkins 

Software architect, hexagon

Dave is a software engineer with over 22 years of development experience. He currently works as a Software Architect at Hexagon Metrology and is based in Pennsylvania. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and his love of HOOPS products.

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Lionel Vieilly

Product Manager, HOOPS Exchange & HOOPS Publish at tech soft 3d 

Lionel has a long history in data interoperability and 3D PDF publication toolkits and is currently the product manager for HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish at Tech Soft 3D. 

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Jonathan Girroir

senior manager of technical marketing at tech soft 3d 

Jonathan has a passion for 3D software, CAD, and innovation. For the last 20 years, Jonathan has been supporting software developers to build and utilize 3D visualization tools.

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ryan clark

Engineering manager, HOOPS Visualize at tech soft 3d

Ryan is a leader on the HOOPS Visualize engineering team and has been working directly with Visualize for the last 8 years. 

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Frode Brandt

principal Software engineer, Ceetron A tech soft 3d company 

Frode has worked with the Ceetron toolkits for over 17 years and brings a vast knowledge of CFD and FEA workflows.