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If you're in software development, you know how important rich data access, cutting-edge 3D graphics and 3D PDF publishing are to your customers. Get an insider's look at everything our powerful HOOPS Native Platform has to offer, and start imagining the possibilities with your next project.

Viewer functionality includes:

  • Access to 22 CAD formats
  • Assembly browser with bi-directional highlighting and the ability hide or show parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Display BREP data and mass properties
  • Visual and semantic PMI display connected to relevant surfaces
  • PMI view activation
  • High performance transparency
  • Advanced shadowing and reflection planes
  • Multiple interactive cutting planes
  • Advanced visual effects
  • Save data in any of the 6 industry-standard formats and
  • Rich 3D PDF publishing with imbedded view carousels.


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